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Harry and Louis have had a LOT of days MIA this tour. Of the 67 non-concert days since April 25th (when the tour kicked off), there’s been 21 where HL were completely missing.

On top of that, there’s been 6 days where Louis was seen but Harry was MIA, and 23 days where Harry was seen but Louis was MIA. This includes 4 days where Harry was known to be in LA but Louis was MIA (July 28th - August 1st), two days where Louis was in the Bahamas but Harry was MIA (August 20th and 21st), and these past two days where Harry has been seen in Nashville but Louis is MIA. 

All I’m saying is that they are really taking advantage of their time off, and obviously have a lot more freedom to do so and/or are demanding the time. I just glanced at the timeline from last year and it is SO different. On days off, Harry would always be with Cal, Lou or some random celeb/stunt or he’d be doing fan service with Niall. Louis would either be with Eleanor or another band member. There were very few days where HL were MIA at the same time (with the obvious exception of LA Week), and VERY few days where we would see all the other boys except for them.

2014 is hugely different from 2013 - no Eleanor, no Harry stunts, and HL are spending as much time together as possible in private. I’m just so happy for them and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Men touching Louis’ thighs



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"Harry should cut his hair"


“Harry used to be so hot its a shame”


“Harry used to be my fave but now hes just ugly”


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Zayn during Teenage Dirtbag - Detroit 16.08

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